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Everything You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

We live in an amazing Coastal Community with much to offer. With approximately 378,000 acres of salt marsh, Georgia has almost 1/3 of the total salt marsh area on the eastern seaboard and is vitally important for the growth and survival of the fish and shellfish that makes Georgia’s famous for it’s amazing seafood. In addition, our marsh is vital for our protection from erosion and from coastal flooding during storm events and provides natural recreation resource for boaters and fishermen around the world. It is one of the most pristine coastal areas in the country. Living in such an amazing area can come at a cost for some depending on location. It is for this reason, buyers and sellers need to be keenly aware of current flood zones, flood regulations and flood insurance costs associated with our coastal area. To that end, I would like to provide a few resources that will answer frequently asked questions and give buyers and sellers a great resource to review when considering a home in our great coastal communities.

For everything you need to know about Flood Insurance, visit –>

For more information on the salt marshes of coastal Georgia, visit –>

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